This week I hiked from the GA/N.C. border to Fontana Dam, N.C., miles 78- 165. I’m writing this post from the front porch of the general store here. I just had a bacon cheeseburger and fries at the restaurant, and now I’m waiting for a package to arrive while doing some laundry.


I’ve been pretty lucky and have had great weather thus far; I haven’t even gotten wet. We are definitely due for some rain though, as some of the water sources have already dried up and fires have already forced trail closures in some sections. A small section of trail in North Georgia was just closed, a couple of days after I passed through. Unfortunately, it sounds like that fire may have been caused by hikers. There is rain in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow, so that should help the situation.


So far the trail in North Carolina has been a bit tougher than Georgia. The climbs have been really rewarding though, with lots of views and some beautiful campsites. Now that I have a couple of weeks under my legs, I’m trying to increase my mileage a bit and shooting for about 15 miles each day. It’s obvious that spring is approaching quickly; some small flowers are beginning to poke through the ground, and the trees are just starting to show their leaves. It’s also getting hot, FAST. Just last week the night time lows were below freezing. Now the lows are around 55, and daytime highs have been in the low 80s. I’ve been getting pretty hot in the days, and I know things are only getting hotter.
Since my last post I’ve taken two half days off to rest my legs and enjoy my surroundings a bit. The first was in Franklin, North Carolina. It’s a really nice little town, which caters to hikers. We got a $40 room at a hiker hotel, and spent most of night at a party at the nearby hostel. They had a ton of free food, and a keg of beer from the nearby Lazy Hiker Brewery. The next morning I resupplied at Ingles grocery store and then hopped on a shuttle back to the trail.
Two days later I was at the Nantahala Outdoor Center, where I took another half day off. The NOC gets a lot of hate from hikers, but personally I had a pretty great day there. I rolled in just in time for a big breakfast at the restaurant, and shortly after I rented a raft to take down the Nantahala River. After a couple of beautiful hours on the river, we got burgers at the restaurant for lunch, and spent rest of the afternoon drinking beers by the river. I cowboy camped by some railroad tracks about and 8th of a mile from the NOC, and got back on the trail early the next day. Sure, their prices on food and lodging may be a little steep, but I enjoyed my twenty or so hours there.
Tonight I’ll stay at the famous “Fontana Hilton” shelter. It’s one of the nicest on the whole trail, and it even has a shower and toilet! Tomorrow morning I’ll start hiking into Great Smoky Mountain National Park. The stoke is high!
More to come…

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